With our ever-expanding selection of tools and personal training,

you can finally sink your teeth into the world of making.

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What you can expect.


With Industry Experts

You'll be joining a community of thinkers, makers, and builders with tons of experience. We are so proud to be able to offer training on all of our tools and equipment so that you can see your ideas come to life! We are big on mentorship, so expect to participate in training up the next generation of makers.


Powerful Ones

We're not shy when we say we have some fun toys, um, that is, tools. If you're interested in woodworking, metalworking, electronics, programming, robotics, 3D printing or anything, really, this is the space for you. Safety is paramount and every member is required to complete training on every tool they use.


To Get Things Done

Our memberships include 24 hour access and scheduled tool use. Reserve a tool, use it. We're all adults here, even the high-schoolers. We don't lock you in and we don't lock you out. Your membership is month to month. Need to take a break? Cool. Just let us know. (We have jobs and families too.)

Membership made simple.

Family Members

Each additional household member.

$ 10 /month

  • Attached to primary account
  • Minors must be supervised
  • Mentorship and life skills
  • Promote STEM in your family!
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Standard Member

Our monthly membership.

$ 50 /month

  • No contract required
  • 18+ without supervision
  • Background check required
  • Safety training after joining
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Discounted Membership

We offer a discount for some members*.

$ 35 /month

  • Teachers and Students
  • First Responders
  • Military and Veterans
  • *Subject to verification
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Our mission and message.

Rockwall Makerspace offers a productive environment that nurtures innovation. We will provide the equipment, space and knowledge to attract inventors, citizen scientists, and general innovators. We offer classes and events that entice new members, while expanding into new areas to keep experienced members coming back, all while fostering a community that cements members into long-term bonds centered on Rockwall Makerspace.

We focus on developing and fostering a creative community of hands-on individuals, and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. The location will have equipment for welding, metalworking, woodworking, plastic-working, electronics, programming and many other skill sets. There will be regular classes over these areas that will train people to safely work with this equipment and how it can be used to realize their ideas.

Owners Keith and Blake Buchanan have a long history of invention, mentorship, and self-started entrepreneurship. They have personal skills in machining, fabrication, electronics design, and programming and patent law. As founders of the Rockwall High School Robotics club, they have mentored hundreds students and constructed many robots for FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC) and competed all over the country.

There will be a heavy focus on community. It is our belief and experience that a strong, active community fosters excitement, passion and innovation that drives members to both stay with the business and come out satisfied with continual completion of projects.

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